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"Where The Worship Never Stops"


Monday - Friday Programs:

6:00 AM: The Kevin and Taylor Show

8:30 AM: "The Turning Point" with Dr. David Jeremiah

9:00 AM: "The Word Made Plain" with Pastor Tony Clark

9:30 AM: "Grace To You" with John Macarthur

10:00 AM: Today's Christian Music

11:30 AM: "Something Good" with Pastor Ron Jones

12:30 PM: "Truth For Life" with Alistair Begg

1:00 PM: "Renewed Strength" with Pastor Rick Williams

1:30 PM: Today's Christian Music

2:00 PM: "Beauty For Ashes" with Cyndi Foster

2:15 PM: "Speak The Word" with Pastor Jo Anne Ramsay 

2:30 PM: "Focus On The Family" with Jim Daly

3:00 PM: Today's Christian Music

6:30 PM: "The Turning Point" with Dr. David Jeremiah

7:00 PM "Family Talk" with Dr. James Dobson

7:30 PM: Today's Christian Music

8:00 PM: Music - Keep The Faith with Penny

Click HERE for Saturday and Sunday schedules

Todays Praise